About the Author


Greetings! My parents passed away years before my children were born. It was my responsibility to share my culture but unfortunately at the time knew little about it. I reached out to a place called Red Willow Lodge and became engulfed in learning through ceremonies and sweat lodges.

I received my spirit’s name, North Summer Wind Woman. This is where I first heard these seven sacred teachings. It was at my first visit to the lodge, where they were having ceremonial fires. The elder, Jules, shared that you can see images in the embers and in the flames. The first thing I saw was a bear, then the sasquatch and an eagle. I had seen them all in the fire that night and it changed my life. 

Jules said, “these stories are being shared verbally because not so long ago we were not allowed to share cultural related events.” I was thirsting for knowledge, and I felt a connection to life and to my culture then I had ever experienced.

I drafted a poem for my brother Dean’s 30th birthday. I was so excited to share what I had learned. When I finished writing it, I knew someday it would be published. I learned that Jules, my spiritual guide, a father to me, has passed away. I wanted to honour him and the gift he gave, for being such a great influence in my life and in the lives of many others. The story is now almost 18 years old and has come into full maturity. I have shared this story in many schools with hundreds of children. I am looking forward to sharing my story with you. Publishing this story is truly a dream come true, I am an Author!